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nkandla-sackracesToday (Saturday) was the best day because it was the activity that my group and I planned for the kids at the Sizanani Center. Magically, and I thank the Lord for it, the weather couldn’t have been better. We planned a huge fun/field day full of activities like 3-legged races, face painting, t-shirt making, cookie decorating, pin the tail on the elephant, etc. It was an absolute hit for both the kids and our Velangaye students. It was so awesome to see students bonding with the kids at the center. And I think the kids at the center really liked having older kids from their community to be pals with them for a couple hours.

Later the kids expressed a true desire to make consistent trips to the center to visit their new buddies. This, of course, made me light up. Like I’ve mentioned before, yes these children have each other, but what they really lack is a friend and mentor they can really look up to. Sure they get gushed over when I, and I’m sure other volunteers, visit, but in the end, we have to go home. Nothing in these childrens' lives is consistent. I, of course, explained this fact to my Velangaye students which I think made them want to visit the children even more. Gosh they are all such terrific kids.

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