mx_hermosillo_lds_mormon_templeThe trip to Hermsillo Mexico was was organized by Southern Utah University.  Fourty of us piled into vans and drove 18 hours straight from Cedar City Utah to Hermosillo, Mexico! Technically I didn´t drive -- I just slept most of the time, and I think that my ability to sleep during horifically long trips is one of the greatest blessings I have been given.

Hermosillo is a pretty big city. I haven´t had the chance to look around, but I look forward to it. Today we drove to Guaymus where the other half of our group is staying (there are about 25 of us in Hermosillo and 15 in Guaymas). We went to church there...which was interesting cause half of the locals came in jeans and they let their kids run rampid...hard to get a reverent feel.

Afterward we got some lunch and then played at the beach all day! It was so beautiful. Í´m really excited for this experience. The people that I came with are really cool and lots of fun.

Tomorrow I have my first day at the hospital! Right now we´re about to head to a park and get some hot dogs, so we are still in "arrival mode."