The children are always eager to get to know you. I start "work" on wednesday I think. There are 3 medical teams that either go out on home health visits, work at the 11 different clinics around the region, visit the center, or work at the hospital. I think I will be rotating so that I will get to work at all of these places. I excited but nervous about the work. Just wanna be as helpful as possible.

PS. Yes, where I'm at is kinda what you'd expect of rural Africa...people carrying/balancing everything on their head, either small cinder-block homes or mud-huts (usually no electricity or running water) and like I said before, cows and goats everywhere :)

UPDATE: I created a Google Earth file which you can download and which will show you the locations of the various buildings in Nkandla that I am visiting and working out of.  If you have GoogleEarth installed, click on this link: GE-Nkandla-SouthAfrica-v2.kmz After you load this file, click on the PLAY button to the right on the bar below the PLACES tab on the left.