I'm not 100% sure what the other groups have come up with but I think one of them is cleaning up all the trash at the Highschool. I haven't really talked about it before, but the amount of litter here is astonishing. Just picture what your schools and neighborhood would look like if there were no trash cans and everyone just threw their trash out the window. Well, for the most part, that's kind of what it's like here. The idea of trash cans or even just NOT-littering is so foreign to the people out here. It was funny because literally AS we were discussing the trash and pollution problem as a group TWO students leaned from their desks to open the window and throw their trash out. Unbelievable. One of the sisters told me that when she was traveling with one of her employees she caught one of them trying to throw a soda pop can out the window so picked it up and put it in a make-shift trash bag. She found out later that the employee was so confused. She didn't understand why the sister had taken her soda can. She thought that she was collecting cans for her person use or something. Ha. Like I said before, there is literally no concept of using waste bins here. Needless to say, I think we are going to implement some sort of waste management system at the highschool. The hardest part will be educating and instilling the motivation in the children to actually USE the waste bins we install.

So the other day we booked this weekend at a game reserve! I'm sooo excited. We got EXTREMELY lucky and were able to book one of the chalets on a hill top INSIDE the game reserve. One of the guys we're going with (he has been several times) said that there must have been a last minute cancellation because those chalets are always the last to go. I really cannot wait! I think we're also planning a trip to a game reserve and to the beach with the kids at the Center for next weekend. That should be really fun! It's starting to get really hot here and I could definitely use a beach day.