But even still, they live so far from town that they rarely have opportunities to buy food. There is also a Child Support Grant that families can also receive. One of my students that I've been working with at Velangaye told me that many women intentionally get pregnant just so they can receive a child support grant. Ugh! This is so frustrating because its all just a vicious circle out here. One problem perpetuates another. One of the sisters also told me that the implementation of Government funded Antiretroviral therapy has led many to believe that they no longer have to really worry if they get AIDS because there is medicine for it. Therefore, some have become less cautious about transmission because they figure they can just get treatment, no big deal. Oh man it kills me.

Today (Tuesday) we started working on a project with Sister Ellen. There are well over 1500 patients that the Sizanani Outreach has on file and our goal was to go through them and make sure everyone is accounted for, close files that needed to be closed, etc. Through our work, we found that over 150 patients were completely unaccounted for! The main problem was that caregivers who no longer worked there hadn't officially passed the patient on to an new caregiver. As a result, we didn't know if those patients had been seen in over 2 years in some cases. We spent most of Tuesday pulling files trying to pull together the puzzle pieces on each case history.